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Everyone Active Acton Centre launches new kids ‘Animal Fu’ classes with first session FREE

Everyone Active’s Acton Centre, which is operated in partnership with Ealing Council, have introduced a new ‘Animal Fu’ class for children aged 5-7 running from the beginning of June until the end of July. The session takes place on Thursdays, and the first session kids attend will be available for FREE.

‘Animal Fu’ is an exciting new class with a core philosophy of teaching children to understand the importance of the values needed for leading both a healthy and a respectful life. The session is for all children aged 5-7, and consists of a 45-minute class which runs on Thursdays at 16:15pm.  The class will be running from the beginning of June until the end of July, and will hopefully re-kick up again in September.

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For more information, please contact the centre on 0208 825 9001 or visit

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