Do you need to give up smoking?

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Break the cigarette -- Break the habit!

Cigbreak Free is a gamified smoking cessation app for smartphones. The app has been co-created with medical experts and psychologists. The app has been thoroughly tested in focus groups.

To play the game you hold your phone in your hand and swipe the screen to break cigarettes. It's impossible to smoke while playing Cigbreak, so it's a perfect distraction from cravings whenever they occur.

Each game level sets a goal for the number of cigarettes to break. Winning earns you earn a bronze, silver or gold star, plus in-game coins you can use to buy power-ups.

The game map includes a personal journal to help you on your Path to Smokefree. This is where you keep track of your Quit Date and other important information you need to help you stop smoking. The journal contains medically proven behaviour change exercises.

Cigbreak is co-created with medical experts so you can be sure you're in good hands as you travel your own Path to Smokefree. It's a tough journey but Cigbreak makes it fun!

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