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Did you know alcohol is linked to over 60 medical conditions and is the third biggest lifestyle risk factor after smoking?  Alcohol harms affect more than just the liver, causing high blood pressure with links to diabetes, depression and cancers (including bowel, throat, breast, liver, mouth & stomach).  Alcohol contributes 10% to the burden of death and disease in England.

Take the Free Alcohol Test

If you are concerned about your drinking, take the free alcohol test at Don’t Bottle It UP

Childhood Obesity

childhood obesity 1

Childhood obesity is reaching alarming proportions in many countries and poses an urgent and serious challenge. London is one of the worst cities in the World for childhood obesity even ahead of New York, Toronto and Sydney. Almost one in four children in Reception and more than one in three children in Year 6 are overweight or obese. 

Start active!

These posters outline the duration, frequency and type of physical activity required to achieve general health benefits for different age ranges.

The infographics relate to the report by the UK’s 4 Chief Medical Officers for the NHS, local authorities and a range of other organisations designing services to promote physical activity.

Early Year Physical Activity

Children physical activity infographic


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